My Weekly Shop – 25th March 2017

Hi guys,

So as detailed in my last post I am changing the way I do my posts. Today’s post is my weekly grocery list. I’ll be sharing how I plans my meals and how I write my list. Let’s get started.

The first thing I do is work out what dinners i’m going to cook that week. I usually write my list on a Friday night, and then get the shopping Saturday morning, but this can be worked out for any days, I know some people go shopping on a Sunday or a Wednesday, it’s up to you.

I then think about what plans we have, are we going out for dinner one night, or working late. I also try to plan my dinners so you don’t end up with too much of one thing, like pasta. I usually do a pasta dish once a week. I use rice more often as personally I find it more versatile.

Below are my dinners for this week and links to any recipes I have posted:

Saturday: No dinner needed as we are going to my Mum and Dad’s

Sunday: Roast Chicken

Monday: Leftover chicken chimichangas

Tuesday: Chorizo Pasta Bake

Wednesday: Chicken wings

Thursday: Chicken tray bake

Friday: Pizza

Once I have my dinners sorted, I move onto writing my list. I write my list in the order I go round the store.I know its nerdy, but it saves time whilst you are there.

I put my list into the following sections:

Fruit and vegetables, Meat, Dairy, Fridge, Baking, Cupboard, Beverages, Freezer, Cleaning products/ household items.

Once I’ve got all of the ingredients for dinners, I then think about breakfasts and lunches, or snacks.

My list is below:


Please let me know if this helps anyone else struggling with their shopping lists xxx



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  1. Jan Titley says:

    Hi Chloe

    love the new blog


    1. Thank you random stranger 😂


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