Blog Ideas

Hi Guys,

So, I haven’t posted anything in the last few weeks. This is meanly because I’ve been thinking about revamping and changing the way I write my posts. I felt like I was stuck in a bit of rut, and frankly my blog wasn’t going as well as what I would have hoped.

I decided that the topics I have been writing about are too broad, I’m been trying to fit into too many different other genres, instead of something more specific.

So, my thought was, we are all busy people. We all work, or have kids and find it difficult to balance spinning all of our plates. I get it, trust me! So I’ve decided that to help all you busy readers, I’m going to post my weekly dinners and shopping lists.

Firstly, so you can see how I plan my dinners, but also if you are struggling to come up with new ideas, you can just look at my blog post for that weeks, and your list will be done for you, with handy links to recipes and pictures!

I’ll still be posting recipes, but I’m leaving the lifestyle section behind me and focusing on food and drinks.

I hope you will all love the new style and i’ve got some great content coming your way in the upcoming weeks and months.

Chloe xxx





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