Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday? My post today is going to be the Italian classic lasagne, I think this dish scares some people to make because of the different elements, but I promise you with some good organisation anyone could make this.

I usually double this recipe and make 2, and put one in the freezer, if doing this don’t add any cheese to the top layer, add it before you put it in the oven.


  • My bolognese sauce, you can find the recipe here,
  • Lasagne Sheets,
  • 50g butter
  • 4tbp plain flour,
  • 800ml milk
  • 1tsp mustard
  • 1tsp Worcestershire sauce,
  • 180g vintage cheddar cheese,
  • 50g paremesan,


The first step is to make the bolognese sauce, then set aside.

Next, grate the two cheese and mix together and set aside.

To make the white sauce, in a medium sized saucepan, melt the butter and then add the flour, stir continuously, to cook the flour for a few minutes, and slowly add the milk, a spoonful at a time, stirring until combined and then add another spoonful. Once all of the milk has been added, add the mustard and Worcestershire sauce, and leave to thicken for 10 minutes.

The last step is to assemble in a large oven proof dish.

Firstly, spoon a thin layer of the white sauce along the bottom of the dish, and put a layer of the lasagne sheets on top.

Then add a layer of bolognese, then a layer of white sauce, and sprinkle some cheese on top, Then the lasagne sheets, then bolognese then white sauce and cheese. Keep following this, until you are near the top of your dish. the final layer I don’t add any bolognese, I put the white sauce on top of the dry lasagne sheets, and the a final layer of cheese.

I then leave this for at least 3 hours, this gives time for the pasta to soften and for it to soak up some of the flavours, I find it tastes much better allowing it time to rest, rather than cooking it straight away.

Then cook for 45mins – 1hr on 160ºc and serve with a side salad.



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