My Latest Obsession…

Hi Everyone,

Each month I would like to start doing a post about my latest obsessions, whether that be  beauty products, cuisines or home decor.

My first post will be about…

Ouai Texturizing Spray


I am OBSESSED, this is pure gold. It is by a million miles the best texturizing spray I have found.

It was created by US hairstylist to the stars Jen Atkin. You may have seen her doing the Kardashian/Jenner hair, or Chrissy Teigan’s hair.

Its described on the brands website as:

‘Like dry shampoo and hair spray had a baby—this ultra-lightweight hair spray builds incredible volume and texture. Packed with volcanic minerals to absorb oil and refresh hair. Free of parabens and talc. No animal testing.’

I like my hair to have some texture and be quite big, this is the first spray which has everything I’m looking for:

  1. It lasts all day – Other texturizing sprays I have used look great for the first hour, but after a while my hair goes back to being limp. This spray lasts all day!!!
  2. It doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy – I like my hair to feel soft, not like its been glued on.
  3. Its so easy to use – The spray is so buildable, I like to spray it at the roots and then rough it up. If I want a lot of volume, I spray it with my hair upside down.
  4. It smells AMAZING

I cannot wait to try out her other products…



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