Starbucks Copycat Peach Green Tea Lemonade

Whilst we were on our honeymoon in Florida in 2014 we went to a Starbucks to order our usual skinny caramel latte, when we were stood in the queue I noticed on the board a new cold drink called a peach green tea lemonade. Feeling adventurous we ordered one each. After one sip both of us were hooked. When we went to California in August 2015 and to Florida again in April 2016 that was all we would drink. We have been waiting for them to come to the UK ever since, and this summer they have arrived!!! As much as I enjoy the cold, refreshingly crisp drink at £3.90 it’s quite expensive, so we set out to make our own version.

We started by looking for the ingredients. Green tea… check. I love green tea, its great to help with bloating so we have plenty at home. Next on the list is lemonade… this was tricky. Starbucks use old fashioned lemonade, so off Martin went to the shop. He found cloudy lemonade, but this was fizzy, and we needed still. After a few minutes he eventually found what we needed. Last but not least peach… This was easy, I found a 1 litre bottle of peach iced tea syrup on Amazon for £10, I ordered it and it arrived the next day. Score!

The hard part is getting the measurements of each ingredient right. Our first attempt, the tea was too strong, the second attempt we put too much lemonade in, the third attempt was the best so far. The mix of lemonade and peach syrup was perfect, but the tea is still too strong.

Its still a work in progress though, hopefully in the next few days i’ll be able to post the exact measurements.. For now, below is a picture of the real deal which Martin sent me to  make me jealous…





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