Christmas Gift Buying Guide… For Kids

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all not bored with me yet…

Today gift buying guide is perfect for the small people in your life.

img_3213RED5 GyroFlyer V4 Helicopter £19.99

This is great for children of all ages, and perfect to get out and play with on Christmas day after you’ve stuffed yourselves with food!


img_3215Ridley’s Wooden Racing Gliders £12.95

This is a great gift for the family to get involved with.



img_3216Ridley’s Rubber Band Shooter £14.95

This is good for older children, it’s got targets for you to aim it, I would suggest adult supervision, otherwise it could end in tears!


img_3223Gingerbread Man, 225g, Extra Large £5

This large gingerbread man is a great stocking stuffer.




img_3222Gingerbread House £15

This is super cute, and children and adults of all ages will love devouring this.

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